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Yoga is a resource, a tool. If you can fold your legs in the back of your neck but you cannot deal with set-backs, changes and unforeseen events, then it is of little use to you.

What really matters is how you deal with life off the mat.

           The true gift of yoga is that it enables us to perceive life in a different way, to broaden our horizon and ultimately to transcend oneself. The invitation lies hidden within the word itself, derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’, which means ‘unification’ or ‘integration’, and also ‘identification’.  When we are able to identify with the joys and sorrows of everyone, to extend our horizons and to broaden our understanding, then yoga ceases to be individualistic.


Yoga is for young and old, for the fit and the ailing, for rich and for poor, in other words, yoga is for everyone. It encompasses a range of practices, such as asana, yogic postures, pranayama, yogic breathing practices, japa, repetition of mantra, nada yoga, yoga of sound vibration and trataka, steady gazing. There are also different facets, such as karma yoga, yoga of action, bhakti yoga, yoga of devotion, jnana yoga, yoga of enquiry and raja yoga, yoga of meditation.


The key to all practices, indeed the key to life, is Breath. When we can consciously direct our breath and breathe with awareness, then the body and mind will be stable and balanced. Therefore, the main focus in every practice is on the breath, and everything else will follow...

Image by Eneko Uruñuela

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