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Yoga on Deck


Yoga is for young and old, for the fit and the ailing, for rich and for poor, in other words, yoga is for everyone. It encompasses a range of practices, such as asana, yogic postures, pranayama, yogic breathing practices, japa, repetition of mantra, nada yoga, yoga of sound vibration and trataka, steady gazing.



Meditation is a term that refers to a broad spectrum of techniques focused on creating a sense of internal wellbeing, peace and happiness. This may be through breathing, visualizations, quieting the mind, and more. 


Himalayan singing bowls are made from a combination of metals and when struck or played they vibrate and produce a rich, deep tone which lasts a long time. The use of singing bowls in the Himalayan region can be traced back to Vedic times, and have since been used by buddhist monks and spiritual masters in meditation practice and for healing purposes.


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