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Singing Bowl Healing

Himalayan singing bowls are made from a combination of metals and when struck or played they vibrate and produce a rich, deep tone which lasts a long time. The use of singing bowls in the Himalayan region can be traced back to Vedic times, and have since been used by buddhist monks and spiritual masters in meditation practice and for healing purposes.

Sound is the core and origin of our being and of all existence, and it goes far beyond what we can perceive with our outer ears. As such, it influences all levels of our being: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. 


Energy healing with singing bowls encourages harmony and balance on all of these levels. The sounds of the Himalayan singing bowls may be totally new and different from anything that one has heard before yet many experience a surprising feeling of recognition. 


This spiritual energy healing removes negative energy and blockages which have been formed over time and replaces them with pure light which enters on a cellular level. When the perfectly arranged vibrations will establish communication with the cells, the cells will respond by re-arranging their distorted structures.  


For thousands of years already, sound has been used across all belief systems and cultures and has been proven to offer many benefits. Some of these are: 

  • Deep relaxation and tranquillity 

  • Mental and emotional stability 

  • Removes the symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress,   insomnia and overactivity 

  • Supports cell regeneration 

  • Accelerates the detoxification process 

  • Healing of the chakras restores the energy flow 

  • Increases self-awareness and awakens inner awareness

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Yoga at Home

The sound of the singing bowls brings the person back to his natural state of harmony and balance

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